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  • Limited collection from Soul Sia
  • Size: Circumference 18cm.
  • 34.3g. of 18k solid white gold.
  • 34 natural rubies stones totalling 0.31ct.
  • 42 natural topaz stones totalling 0.4ct.
  • 2 sets of key chains included.
  • Made in Italy. Hallmarked in UK.


The value of the collection comes from its unique structure, which create the effect of early morning dew on a spider's web. Each piece in this collection has been manually assembled by premium Italian craftsmen to preserve the nature's essence and fragility of a spider’s web.


  • Global delivery. Sales tax and shipping included in price. Delivery takes up to 3 working days across Europe and up to 5 working days other regions. If you have any questions, please contact us via info@soulsia.com. Safe and secure shipping guaranteed. 

  • Free delivery and returns done via courier. Upon receiving an item you have 14 days to send an item back and request a full refund. Soul Sia will organize the collection. 

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