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  • 5% donated to actionforchildren.org.uk
  • Hoop earrings
  • 21.3g. of 14k solid yellow gold
  • Octagon cut Zirconia, ideally resembling diamonds
  • Made in Italy. Hallmarked in UK
  • Ethical manufacturing anf gemstone sourcing 


We have created a collection that will not only make you stand out, but also contains hidden elements, which is somethining just for you to know, truly making you feel special. Heavy weight from solid gold will make it feel real, while top quality cubic zircnoia will ideally imitate shininess of diamonds. 


Each gemstone setting creates a unique illusion, as if a gemstone was dipped into melted gold and then frozen. Unique visual elements, which turned intended irregularities into mezmerising optical effect. 


  • Global Delivery. Sales tax included in price. Delivery takes up to 3 working days across Europe and up to 5 working days other regions. If you have any questions, please contact us via info@soulsia.com. Safe and secure shipping guaranteed.   

  • Free delivery and returns done via courier. Upon receiving an item you have 14 days to send an item back and request a full refund. Soul Sia will organize the collection. 

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