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  • Drop earrings.
  • 5,55g. of 18k solid black gold.
  • 362 black spinels totalling 2.03ct.
  • 4 natural rubies totalling 0.11ct.
  • Made in Italy. Hallmarked in UK.


This collection has been inspired  by a chaotic structure of a caviar. What at first might seem to be a random distribution of gemstones, is actually a very carefully thought-through structure, in which all of the pieces are set to fit together precisely and elegantly. Simply the work of art, assembled and polished by one of the finest craftsmen in Italy, Vicenza.


The value of each item in Caviar Collection comes from the gemstones themselves and the long hours spent manually assembling the piece.This is not an item that can be mass produced. It has to be created hand by hand, with dedication, accuracy and a soul of a craftsman.


  • Global delivery. Sales tax and shipping included in price. Delivery takes up to 3 working days across Europe and up to 5 working days other regions.If you have any questions, please contact us via info@soulsia.com. Safe and secure shipping guaranteed.   

  • Free delivery and returns done via courier. Upon receiving an item you have 14 days to send an item back and request a full refund. Soul Sia will organize the collection. 

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