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  We are taking our first steps on a journey, knowing exactly where to go but not knowing yet where we will end up. An adventure with a simple,

but peculiar idea. By adding a Soul and a Theme to each collection,

we are letting every woman to express herself. We aim to create jewellery, which can reflect your mood, your feelings and individuality. Our jewellery has complex design, yet is simple and elegant when put into perspective.

  SoulSia is a reflection of two beginnings: a sharp mind of a man and a

creative feminine vision, a fusion of duality symbolised by Yin and Yang.

Every item in our collection has a hidden natural ruby gemstone. This is  OUR SOUL , which we engrave into every piece of jewellery we create. We hope that you will get as much joy and inspiration from our jewellery, as did we, when were creating it for you. Now is the time for you to tell YOUR STORY.

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